About Us...

Founded and owned by Chad Stroschein, Caring Professionals is a family business specializing in quality long term care services.  Chad is a licensed nursing home administrator and preceptor.  Graduating from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Administration, Chad brings over 15 years of experience in long term care to Caring Professionals.  While serving as administrator, he has been actively involved in Medicare and JCAHO accreditation, regulatory compliance as well as statewide and national organizations and committees.  Chad brings experience in health care administration in the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin and South Dakota.  Throughout his practice, he has been active in management and ownership, preceptorship and professional consulting involving a wide array of areas in long term care including independent and assisted living, skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s care and new construction.  Chad has received recognition for his contributions in long term care as well as the business communities in which he has served.  Among his many accomplishments in his career are multiple deficiency free surveys, recipient of the 20 under 40 award honoring professionals making a difference in the state of Iowa, and the South Dakota Governor Emeritus Award for Excellence in Occupational Safety.   Currently, Chad holds licenses in the states of Iowa and South Dakota and is an active member of the South Dakota Healthcare Association.

At Caring Professionals, we are proud of our professional and trustworthy staff that is there to assist our residents in living the life they desire and to provide the security they deserve. Those entrusted in our care are entitled to maintain their independence and enjoy the lifestyle they choose; therefore, family involvement is welcomed and community integration is encouraged. Quality and comfort are as important to us at Caring Professionals as they are to our residents.